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23. Dezember 2008 · Thema: Features

Clever Workarounds hat einen guten Artikel zum Thema SharePoint Features geschrieben – SharePoint “Features” in plain English – darin eine kleine Ãœbersicht, was man denn alles mit einem SharePoint-Feature „installieren“ (aktivieren/deaktivieren) kann:

1. Content Types: Contains a definition of a SharePoint content type.
2. Content Type Binding: Actually applies a content type to a document library.
3. Control: Allows you to replace existing controls on the page, such as the search or navigation with your own custom control.
4. Custom Action: You can define custom actions such as add a new menu item in „Site Actions“.
5. Feature/Site Template Association: This allows you to bind a feature to a site template so that the feature is included in new sites based on that template.
6. Field: Contains a field, or column definition that can be reused in multiple lists.
7. Hide Custom Action: Opposite to „Custom Action“, where you want to hide menu items.
8. List Instance: Provisions a SharePoint site with a list which includes specific data.
9. List Template: A list definition or template, which defines a list that can be provisioned to a SharePoint site.
10. Module: Deploys files which are included when provisioning sites. (This is how branding can be deployed via feature).
11. Receiver: Defines an event handler for a list, or document library.
12. Workflow: Defines a workflow for a list, or document library.

Die Liste sollte auch in „plain English“ verständlich sein, denke ich.

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